Monday, March 26, 2007

JMM Talk at Google

This fellow is rather handsome, dashing and well-informed
. If you would like a primer on the Java memory model, this is a good place to start. I was running out of time toward the end, though, so the last 15 minutes may be a little rushed. Perhaps I'll do a two-part followup at some point.

One thing I forgot to say, at the very beginning: The Java memory model defines how threads interact through memory. That's why it's called the Java memory model. It has nothing to do with garbage collection or the object model (except where multithreading is important to those things).

If the mood strikes, please feel free to ask questions about the memory model, or anything I said in the talk. I put a note in the talk to ask questions at:


Felipe Coury said...

Hey Jeremy,

First class presentation, congratulations. I was wondering if you have the slides for that presentation.

Thank you!

Shinhyung Yang said...

Thank you for the presentation! I just want to mention that the video is now available through the following YouTube link: Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: The Java Memory Model